Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Week's Blog Carnivals

The Virginia Blog Carnival is hosted at CatHouse Chat this week. It includes a special section of reports from the Blogs United Conference in Martinsville (which, I regret to say, I was unable to attend).

Speaking of Virginia bloggers, Shaun Kenney and Lowell Feld were guests on Coy Barefoot's show on WINA-AM in Charlottesville on Wednesday. Most of the discussion was about the George Allen-Jim Webb campaign, and what might be the eventual fallout from Macacagate. Waldo Jaquith was Coy's guest on Tuesday, with an extended discussion about dental care in Virginia.

Matt Barr at the Socratic Rhythm Method hosts the 60th weekly Carnival of Liberty in a creative format that is unlikely to be surpassed. Alex Trebek fans will appreciate it.

By the way, I will be hosting the Carnival of Liberty here during the week of September 11. (It will be posted on Tuesday, September 12 [I hope].) I expect there will be a number of submissions related to the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Submissions can be made through the form at Conservative Cat. Alternatively, there is also a Carnival of Liberty submission page at I invite my readers who blog to submit an article to the Carnival of Liberty that week.

Free Constitution is hosting the fourth Second Amendment Carnival. The interests of those who read the Carnival of Liberty and those who read the Second Amendment Carnival often overlap, of course.

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