Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Travels

Thanks to a link at SkepticalObservor, I found a neat tool for mapping a person's visits to individual U.S. states and to foreign countries.

Here are my domestic U.S. travels:

create your own visited states map

Still a few states to go. I need to win that sweepstakes with a prize for an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii, in a hotel along Waikiki Beach.

Here are my foreign travels:

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

With all that white space, I feel so much more like a typical, sedentary American. (And no, I can't explain why the map includes a link to a Dutch translation site.)


James Young said...

Thanks for the link, Rick, our disputes to the contrary notwithstanding.

Put me to shame on the foreign travel. I've only been to Canada.

Unknown said...

Great!!! A good work!!! :) You may be considered to be an experienced traveller!!! :) but on your map I don't see my favourite island -Cyprus!!! You've lost a lot, not visiting it!!! I fly there almost every summer and autumn!!!There you'll spend a great time for sure!!! :) The only thing to decide is where to stay (and you know, it's not the last thing to think of!) The hotels on Cyprus are suppper with all the conveniences, entertainments!!! I've stayed in many of them! But this year I’ve made up my mind to chose another place for staying and it is a Cyprus villa!!!How it was great: no noisy neighbours, crazy crowd, always hurrying somewhere and knocking you down!!! :) Silence, your best friends and almost empty beach!!!! That's my way of spending holidays!!! :) Highly recommend such to you too!!! Best regards!!! :)