Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mr. Popularity

Tyler Whitney should get himself a Hollywood agent.

In the two weeks since I first blogged about the young gay conservative activist from Michigan, his name has become the single most popular search term leading people to this site. He far outpaces previous leaders Aaron Carter, Daniel Radcliffe, Jeremy Sumpter, Dave Moffatt, and Hunter Parrish. The presence of his name here boosted blog traffic in this direction by an order of hundreds of new visitors per day for more than a week.

Although a few other web sites linked to my article (a featured link on the front page of alone led to 530 hits over two days), by far the most visits were through Google or other search engines. People were actively seeking news and information about Tyler Whitney.

At one point, "The Outing of Tyler Whitney" accounted for more than 1,600 of the previous 4,000 visits here (according to SiteMeter, although Google Analytics put the number in the same ballpark). Even now Tyler's seekers number about 1,300 (out of 4,000 "current" visits), more than quadruple the number of visitors interested in the formerly overwhelming favorite "Shirtless and Circumcised" and more than six times as many the number wanting to read my review of The Witches of Eastwick at Signature Theatre.

So, my hat is off to Tyler Whitney -- who, by the way, celebrates his 19th birthday today. Be sure to send him your best wishes, and thank him for driving traffic my way.


Gene said...

Tyler Whitney is a hero to our community as far as I'm concerned. I'm so sick of the homophobic Left hiding behind their slogans of victimhood. I too have supported Tom Tancredo from the beginning. Some of us simply believe that preservation of true American values trumps the issue of sex. How many of us really want to get 'married' or stay with one guy? Give me a break, we know the answer.

Mark my words, the next President will be from the Party of Lincoln. Your average American doesn't fall for Hitlery and her SF values, nor Hussein Obama and his madrassa. Some of us are still red-blooded Americans, not pink frosted cut-and-runners. God bless Tyler Whitney and everything he stands for. And Happy Birthday Ty!! Don't party too hard.

Anonymous said...

A gay conservative is no more a hero, Gene, than a gay socialist. Both are statists of a different variety. Whatever virtues Tyler may have his work is not one of them. Yes, he ought to embrace free makrets, unlike his boss who wants state regualtion of workers. But he also ought to embrace civil liberties and a mind your own business foreign policy. If Tyler is a libertarian (so far I've seen no evidence of it) then he is allowing blind ambition to cloud his moral compass.

Anonymous said...

I hear Tyler Whitney has joined some openly gay camapaign in Michigan.