Thursday, November 29, 2007

That Independent Question

To the chagrin of those small-l and big-L libertarians who hold out hope that Dr. Ron Paul might bolt the Republican Party and run for president as an independent (or third-party) candidate next year, here is the definitive answer, from "Dr. No" himself during Wednesday's CNN/YouTube debate:

COOPER: Let's go to the next question -- it's for Ron Paul.

MARK STRAUSS: Mark Strauss, Davenport, Iowa.

This question is for Ron Paul.

Mr. Paul, I think we both know that the Republican party is never going to give you the nomination. But I'm hoping that you're crazy like a fox like that and you're using this exposure to propel yourself into an independent run.

My question is for Ron Paul: Mr. Paul, are you going to let America down by not running as an independent?

Thank you.

PAUL: Now that's what I call a tough question, because I have no intention of doing this.

I am a Republican. I have won 10 times as a Republican and we're doing quite well. We had 5,000 people show up at a rally in front of the Independence Hall with blacks and Hispanics and a cross-section of this country.

You know that we raised $4.3 million in one day?


Without spending one cent. We didn't even pay an individual to go out and they weren't professional fund-raisers. It came in here -- it was automatic.

We're struggling to figure out how to spend the money. This is country is in a revolution. They're sick and tired of what they're getting. And I happen to be lucky enough to be part of it.

COOPER: I'll take that as a no.

Ron Paul looked terrific while answering that question: composed, happy, and confident. He showed presidential bearing as well as the light touch inherent in someone asked a softball question toward the end of a grueling debate under the klieg lights.


Brian Kirwin said...

Funny how he left out his Presidential run against a Republican in 1988 when listing his Republican credentials.

Eric Dondero said...

Yes, I agree, he answered that delicate question quite well.

However, he completely fell down against John McCain. Ron Paul's answer on Iraq War, that we should pull out like we did in Vietnam, was horrible. Worse, he even commented that the Vietnamese are "now friends of ours."

How callous. Does he not realize how many millions of Cambodians and South Vietnamese were slaughtered by the Communists as a direct result of us abandoning Vietnam.

One of the most shameful moments in US History.

And Ron Paul has Vietnamese refugees in his Congressional District.

How ironic.

AndrewAkers said...

Can't you see that he dodged the question?? He said, in effect, "I'm winning, so there's no point in considering that right now."
When asked in a previous debate whether he would support the Republican candidate no matter who, he adamently refused to make that commitment---something quite unusual for a candidate to do.