Sunday, June 01, 2008

RPV Convention Video: Speeches by Jeff Frederick

Delegate Jeff Frederick of Prince William County became the new chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia at the state GOP convention on May 31. No vote results were announced, but the buzz behind the scenes was that Frederick took 60 percent of the total. (Hager conceded and moved that Frederick be elected by acclamation.)

In this first video, Amy Frederick, the candidate's wife, puts his name in nomination and introduces him to the crowd of Republican activists. He then asks for their votes.

Following the vote, the new chairman gave brief remarks thanking his wife, his campaign staff, and others.

More video from the RPV convention will be posted soon, as fast as it can be edited and processed.

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Jim Hoeft said...

Gracious in victory, but with a mountain of work in front of him.

We'll be watching.