Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What I Missed on Tuesday Morning

Business matters kept me away from the monthly Tuesday Morning Group Coalition meeting in Richmond today, but Steven Latimer helped fill the gap by providing a summary of the proceedings.

Apparently the host of the meeting, John Taylor of Tertium Quids, minced no words with regard to the special legislative session on transportation. Latimer notes:

Taylor reported that when he spoke with newly minted Republican Party of Virginia chairman Jeff Frederick, Frederick said that he did not anticipate that Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw's bill to increase the gas tax would be supported. Taylor then assailed HB 6055, describing it as "3202 - part deux" -- a reference to last year's unpopular HB 3202, parts of which were unanimously declared unconstitutional by the Virginia Supreme Court. According to Taylor, HB 3202 allowed regional transportation authorities to levy taxes, whereas HB 6055 would allow municipalities to increase taxes. Taylor finished by referring to Republicans who support tax increases as "weak sisters."
And that's just a taste of what went on. Read Steven's blog to find out more.

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