Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Gary Johnson on WINA's 'The Schilling Show'

As announced here on April 21, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson spoke in Charlottesville yesterday, at an event co-hosted by the Albemarle County Republican Committee, the Charlottesville Republican Committee, and the Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia.  (Governor Johnson also addressed an RLC gathering in Arlington on Saturday.)

Governor Johnson had a full day, starting at 7:08 a.m. when he spoke by telephone on WCHV radio with morning host Joe Thomas.  I missed that interview but it must have been good:  several people showed up at the governor's speech last night because they heard about it on WCHV.

During the late afternoon, we took Governor Johnson and his son, Erik,on a tour of downtown Charlottesville, where the governor was able to write a message about "freedom" and "liberty" on the chalkboard of the First Amendment Monument near City Hall.  Shortly thereafter, Gary and Erik Johnson took a tour of Monticello.  It was their first visit to Mr. Jefferson's home and both were impressed.

In between, Governor Johnson was an in-studio guest of Rob Schilling on "The Schilling Show" on WINA-AM.  Several listeners took the time to call in with substantive questions, and the host took the opportunity to promote the speech at the Northside Library and the web site of Governor Johnson's 501(c)(4) policy advocacy group, OUR America Initiative (that's www.ouramericainitiative.com).

Here is the video I took inside the WINA studios of Rob Schilling's interview with Gary Johnson.  There are three segments:

Part I:

Part II
Part III (Conclusion):
I have more photos and videos from Governor Johnson's visit to Charlottesville, which I will post as they are ready.
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