Wednesday, June 23, 2010

21 Irresistible Reasons to Visit

Back in April, I posted a note about how I had been writing short articles about politics and policy issues for

At the time, I had only been "on the job" (so to speak) for about ten days and had published just 17 articles.  That number is now up to 47, including several interviews with congressional candidates.

In fact, the vast majority of articles I have written for have been based on interviews I have conducted with politicians, policy experts, and political activists.  I have taken to carrying an audio recorder with me wherever I go, on the off-chance that I might be able to capture some pithy and informative comments about issues and events.

My four most recent articles are these interviews (in reverse order):
Virginia political activist John Marsden discusses disparate elements within the GOP
Fluvanna County Supervisor Shaun Kenney reflects on the budget process
Delegate Rob Bell discusses prospects for school choice in Virginia
Three Virginia legislators agree -- state budget has cut the size and scope of government
And those are just the articles I have written this week.

The titles of the articles tend to be self-explanatory. The list that follows are all of the articles published since April 21 (again, in reverse order) except for the interviews with congressional candidates that I previously blogged about.
Veteran political tactician Tucker Watkins explains Robert Hurt's GOP primary victory
GOP congressional nominee Robert Hurt discusses constitutional principle
Virginia Secretary of Education Gerard Robinson discusses education reform agenda
GayPatriot blogger visits Charlottesville noting the ‘homosexual infiltration of Tea Parties’

World War II veteran Franklin Kameny remembers his experience with ‘don’t ask, don't tell' exclusive: GOP activist Mark Kelly begins his campaign for Arlington County Board
British political scientist Nigel Ashford assesses GOP congressional debate
Virginia Eighth District GOP congressional candidate Patrick Murray is ‘an American first’
Hampden-Sydney College Republicans muse about politics and the economy exclusive: Gary Johnson reflects on his first visit to Jefferson’s Monticello
A look back at efforts to put the brakes on government growth since 1980
In Virginia’s 5th congressional district, Schoenewald and Stanley seek GOP chairmanship
Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson to speak in Charlottesville on May 3
Radio talker Joe Thomas assesses Virginia’s 5th District congressional race

UVA professor reacts to critics of ‘Why are liberals so condescending?’
Two views on breaking the free-trade policy logjam
Talk-show host Rob Schilling assesses the 2010 election campaign
Watch the Charlottesville Libertarian Examiner for updates. I aim for at least five articles per week, but sometimes I fall short of that and sometimes I exceed that.
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