Monday, August 23, 2010

Listen on the Radio

On Tuesday afternoon, August 24, I will be a guest on Coy Barefoot's drive-time radio program on WINA (1070 AM), "Charlottesville Right Now."

During the segment from 4:30 to 5:00 p.m., Coy and I will discuss the 2010 election campaigns, primarily in Virginia's Fifth District, and other topics of interest.

No doubt some of the issues we talk about will be nabbed from my most recent posts on, based on one-on-one interviews with public officials, candidates, politicians, political activists, policy experts, and others from Virginia and beyond.

Some of those recent articles include:

"Virginia Fifth Congressional District chair Bill Stanley cites 'sense of urgency' in 2010 election"

"Health care, jobs are top issues for Prince Edward County voters, says GOP chairman Daniel Bradshaw"

"Four priorities for election law reform in Virginia discussed by VEBA legislative chair Robin Lind"

"Glenn Beck's substitute host Doc Thompson talks about libertarian values and hot issues of the day"

"Virginia's top elections official Nancy Rodrigues says 'elections have changed forever'"

"'Deep doo-doo': Virginia author Jim Bacon warns of coming financial crisis in 'Boomergeddon'"

"Fifth District congressional candidate Jeffrey Clark endorses idea of liquor sale privatization"

"LPVA leaders react to Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello's claim of a 'libertarian undercurrent'"

"Independent congressional candidate Jeffrey Clark says 'the power lies with us'"

"WINA radio host Coy Barefoot assesses the Perriello-Clark congressional debate"

and the immensely, if unexpectedly, popular favorite:

"Congressman Tom Perriello explains his appeal to libertarian voters in Virginia's 5th District"
Read any (or all) of these articles and call in to Coy's show tomorrow with your reaction or a question. Join the conversation; it's free!

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