Monday, October 04, 2010

Watch for the Book Review Blog Carnival on Halloween

The 53rd Book Review Blog Carnival was published today at Man of La Book.

The latest carnival includes two reviews of The Path to Tyranny by Michael E. Newton as well as a review of the classic, This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald, in addition to reviews of 15 other individual books and two review essays, one called 10 Books About Real World Crime and the other called 10 Books with Homeland Security Threats.

The next carnival will be hosted by Proud Book Nerd on October 17th. Bloggers can submit their book review posts at the Book Review Blog Carnival page.

At the end of the month -- on Halloween, as it happens -- one of my other blogs, (Book Reviews by Rick Sincere) will be hosting the 55th Book Review Blog Carnival, followed by number 56 on November 14 at Homespun Honolulu.

Just for the record, previously published book reviews of mine have been featured in Book Review Blog Carnival #51Book Review Blog Carnival #37, Book Review Blog Carnival - 35th Edition, The 23rd Book Review Blog Carnival, and 19th Edition of the Book Review Blog Carnival.

I previously hosted Carnival of Liberty LXII.  This will be my first time hosting the Book Review Blog Carnival.  I'll be sure to post a reminder and a link here once the carnival is on line.

(Partially reposted from Book Reviews by Rick Sincere.)

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