Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Freedom and Prosperity Agenda" for Virginia

To complete the thought begun by my previous post, here is the full text of the news release distributed by the Tuesday Morning Group Coalition on Tuesday, April 12, with its recommendations for reform of the Virginia tax system, property rights protection, and education:


RICHMOND – Virginia’s leading conservatives gathered in Richmond today to unveil the “Freedom and Prosperity Agenda,” an 11-point plan designed, in the words of Virginia Institute for Public Policy president John Taylor, “To protect the properties, incomes and futures of Virginia's citizens.

”Taylor noted that, “It took 386 years for Virginia to have a $30 billion biennial budget. It took only 10 years to add another $30 billion. The Freedom and Prosperity Agenda gives conservatives in the General Assembly and throughout the Commonwealth a means to begin restoring the balance between the people and their government.”

Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, one of the Agenda’s supporters, said "We've laid out the markers with this Agenda. A lot of these planks are about trust – restoring public trust in government and in holding the government accountable for the promises it makes. We know not every part of the Agenda will be passed in the next session. But we will prevail in the end."

Del. Scott Lingamfelter added that, “I don't think it's going to be difficult to get a great deal of support in the House for these issues when they come up. I think the challenge will come from other quarters of the government. But I think these issues are ripening, and I also think we'll see these issues gain more support in the months ahead.”

The Freedom and Prosperity Agenda focuses on four main areas – taxes and spending, property rights, education reform and transportation. The Agenda’s planks are as follows:

* Eliminate the War of 1812 tax (BPOL)
* Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR)
* Eliminate the Death tax
* Eliminate the prepayment of the Sales and Use tax
* Redefine and limit the public uses for which private property may be confiscated
* Constitutional Amendment to base real estate taxes on the acquisition value of the property
* Parental choice in education
* Protect the transportation trust fund with a Constitutional Amendment
* Proposals for new taxes must contain sunset provisions
* Freedom and Fiscal Accountability Act for Virginia’s Public Colleges and Universities
* Eliminate the Car tax
- 30 -

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