Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Technology Equalizes

Another example of how advances in technology equalize our capabilities and reduce the cost of living for everyone in the long run comes courtesy of this morning's Guardian:

A top paparazzo has said business for celebrity photographers is under serious threat from an army of amateurs and opportunists snapping stars on their mobile phones.

German Hans Paul, who says he once earned $120,000 for a picture of a then-pregnant Julia Roberts, said fees for paparazzi had been driven to new lows as even fans and autograph hunters now know how to market their pictures.

He said the development of camera technology on mobile phones and the internet meant that ordinary people could send quality pictures to newspapers, web portals and other media within seconds anywhere around the globe, taking business away from professional celebrity snappers.

Demonstrating that the laws of supply and demand apply even in the most sleazy nooks and crannies of the economy, Mr. Paul laments:
"There is no doubt that we paparazzi are suffering from this. There is hardly any money to be made in the everyday business."
Pull out your cellphones, and weep for the paparazzi.

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