Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ron and Tucker, Ron and Jon

Doug Mataconis at Below the Beltway has posted the video of Dr. Ron Paul's appearance this afternoon on Tucker Carlson's show on MSNBC. At the end of the interview, Carlson said this to his guest, in a serious tone:

Amen. I hope you can come on regularly just for a tutorial on what it means to be free, Dr. Paul. I really appreciate your coming on; it was a great explanation.
Doug has also posted the video of Congressman Paul's guest spot on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which aired on Comedy Central on Monday, the night before the New Hampshire presidential debate.

During the interview, Stewart said:
Congressman Ron Paul: You appear to have consistent, principled integrity. Americans don't usually go for that. You seem to practice what you preach, you seem to preach it consistently. Even though people might disagree with the message, they certainly can't argue that you're [not] a man of consistent principle.
To which Representative Paul replied:
I'd like to think that I've introduced a brand new idea into this campaign. I've even suggested that we follow the Constitution.
The audience applauded that remark enthusiastically.

Dr. Paul's performance on The Daily Show was superb. He clearly understood both his interlocutor and his audience -- remarking, for instance, that there's nothing wrong with people making a lot of money (referencing Bill Gates), "even in entertainment."

For his part, when Stewart offered a formulaic wish for success at the end of the interview, he added the not-so-formulaic "continue to bring excitement to the process, because I think that's what's lacking sometimes and it's nice to see guys just throwing their ideas out there for whatever it is, and being principled."

The Jon Stewart interview with Ron Paul is also on YouTube; Tucker Carlson's interview with him can also be found there.

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