Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Visitor from La-La Land

My old friend, Dan Blatt, who moved from Northern Virginia to Los Angeles a few months before I settled in Charlottesville, is back in Virginia on a brief visit. I last saw him in July at Buddha's Belly, an Asian restaurant in LA, when I was on my own cross-country odyssey.

Some readers may recognize Dan as the contributor to GayPatriot who blogs under the name "GayPatriotWest." He left the Pacific Coast on Sunday and arrived in Charlottesville around 9:15 p.m. on Tuesday. He plans to be in D.C. on Wednesday and Thursday, where he will be meeting with friends and blog-readers. Then it's on to New York and New England for him.

I don't think I could manage to drive coast-to-coast in just under 72 hours. Dan has either more stamina or more craziness than I do. But here he is, apparently in one piece and good (mental and physical) health.

In any event, we have passed a pleasant evening, with dinner on The Corner at the College Inn and a brief tour of the main grounds of the University of Virginia. (Dan is a UVa Law School alumnus and lived in Charlottesville for three years in the early 1990s.)

Dan is blogging about his journey as he stops along the way.

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