Friday, December 17, 2004


Rick Sincere blogger Richard Sincere 1980s
Rick Sincere, c. 1984
It took a while, but I've been sucked into the world of bloggers.

I have two primary purposes in publishing this blog: (1) to comment on current affairs and cultural events, including theatre, music, movies, and books and (2) to archive some of my old writings on what-were-then-current affairs and cultural events (you know the rest).

Some of you may be familiar with my writing from other sources, including The Metro Herald, a weekly African-American newspaper in Alexandria, Virginia, which has published my articles on public policy issues since 1993 and my theatre criticism since 1995 or at the Independent Gay Forum, a collective of non-leftist writers on issues of concern to gay and lesbian Americans. Finally, a good number of my past articles can be found at my business web site for the Arlington Research Group, which is badly in need of updating but provides a snapshot of my life and interest in the later 1990s. (Both the Independent Gay Forum and the Arlington Research Group include biographical sketches that contain more comprehensive information than the profile you see here.)

Feel free to come back and visit frequently.

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