Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Folkskunde Returns! (at least temporarily)

Charlottesville has a quite vibrant music scene, whether one prefers classical, choral, jazz, rock, pop, bluegrass .... name your genre, Charlottesville has it.

One of the more interesting and talented young bands to emerge in recent years has been Folkskunde, which fits the classic definition of "garage band" -- in all the best senses of the term. Folkskunde originally came together to play in the fringe area of the Live Arts Summer Theatre Festival. Several of its members are also actors who have appeared in both Live Arts main stage productions and in LATTE productions (that's the Live Arts Teenage Theatre Ensemble, Live Arts' educational arm).

Because Folkskunde's members left high school and moved on to colleges around the country, the group disbanded. Yet an email arrived to say that Folkskunde is reuniting for two performances during Christmas break:

December 22
At the Gravity Lounge
"Song-Off With Folkskunde & Friends"
Each of the members of Folkskunde will be playing their solo repertoires (the songs they've been producing while apart) as they partner with each other and various musician friends.
Door opens at 7:00 PM
$5 Door

January 7
at Starr Hill
"Folkskunde Reunited!"
Back in full force and ready to rock the night away! A rare appearance before they have to head back to college for the next semester. You won't want to miss it!
Opening for Folkskunde: Body 4 Karate and TRMNSPRX
Door opens at 8:00 PM
$5 Advance/$7 Door

Folkskunde consists of Adam Smith, Justin Wolf, Malcolm Perkins, Jacob Wolf, Conner Lacy and Tucker Duncan. Each member writes his own music, which the band performs, and the band as a whole shows a remarkable capacity for improvisation, whether playing on stage as Folkskunde-in-concert or simply backing up poetry readings at the monthly Poetry Lounge (also just ended after nearly two years of gracing the Charlottesville arts scene).

A review earlier this year in The Hook said: "Folkskunde is rarity in local recorded music. It's daring and most importantly, it's fun, a nice break from the monotony of all this hard core jazz that has gotten to be a little bit out of control."

You'll be hearing about Folkskunde again, whether from the band as a whole or from each individual member.

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