Saturday, January 01, 2005

Swedish TV, the PATRIOT Act, and Charlottesville: A 2004 Addendum

In my haste to put together a review of the year 2004, how could I forget this?

Last March, a reporter from Swedish broadcasting's equivalent of "60 Minutes" came to Charlottesville to do a story about how a typical American community has reacted to the USA PATRIOT Act. (Charlottesville's Democrats and Republicans had joined forces during the summer of 2003 to persuade the City Council to pass an anti-PATRIOT Act resolution.)

Lisa Carlsson, the Washington-based correspondent for Sveriges Television, took me up to Mr. Jefferson's home on Monticello to do an interview in an appropriate setting. Charlottesville's mayor and other political figures were featured in the report, as well.

You can see the report, which was broadcast March 7, at SVT Agenda.

Click on "Se reportage" (which, I think, means, "the report") to see the video on RealPlayer.

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