Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Addition to ODBA

With the first day of astronomical summer, the Old Dominion Blog Alliance (see sidebar) has a new member: Hans Mast, who describes himself as

a conservative (politically & religiously), Mennonite, 17-year-old computer programmer from Catlett, VA who loves to play basketball, volleyball and most any sport. I am Manager, Computer-guy, and Customer Service and Sales Rep for Golden Rule Travel & Communications.
I first noticed his blog through a recent posting on Canada. In it, he writes:
I was shocked at the level of ignorance that Canadians that I have talked with have about the Gomery inquiry and the sponsership scandal (perpetrated by the Liberal party). I asked a couple about it and intially they just looked at me blankly, but then after ten seconds or so, their faces would light up and they would say, "Oh... Yeah.. I think I heard about that. Some scandal in Ottawa." They didn't seem to know which party was involved. Stephen Harper (leader of the Conservative party) needs to get his act together on public education. Apparently the Liberals are losing points in the polls, slightly.
Since about 25 percent of traffic to my own blog originates in Canada, I appreciate Americans who can actually say something intelligent about our Canadian neighbors.

I remember a few years back, having dinner at the Dupont Italian Kitchen in Washington with about 15 libertarian and conservative friends. One of my tablemates and I got into a heated discussion of some aspect of Canadian politics -- the details evade me now -- when suddenly the whole group went silent, staring at us. Someone chirped up, "Are you guys really arguing about Canadian politics?" We nodded yes, as though nothing was odd, until the cultural context hit us and we all broke into a fit of laughter -- and, naturally, continued our conversation as though nothing had happened.

So I promise my Canadian readers more Canadian content, besides irregular updates on Dave Moffatt and his brothers.

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