Monday, May 30, 2005

Dave Moffatt's Huge Surge

Thank you, Dave Moffatt! This blog just received its largest surge of hourly traffic -- over 200 visitors in just over 90 minutes -- almost entirely from your fans.

I traced the rise in interest to a LiveJournal blog called "Oh No They Didn't," characterized as "celebrity gossip at its greatest."

One of "Oh No They Didn't" contributors linked to my post called "More on the Moffatts." Ninety-one percent of my most recent visitors went directly to that article. Whew!

Teen-idol fans will be pleased to know -- but the political pundits and policy wonks who read this blog will be dismayed -- that the most consistently popular of my posts continue to be those on Aaron Carter and his Backstreet Boy brother, Nick Carter, and those on Canadian rockers Dave, Clint, Bob, and Scott Moffatt. In fact, the search phrases that most often bring people here are variations on "Is Aaron Carter gay?" and "Is Dave Moffatt gay?"

Believe me, when I started blogging back in December, I never would have predicted this kind of fanbase -- or the fans' prurient interests.

Check back later for updates.

Update (June 9, 1:34 a.m.): According to press reports, Dave Moffatt has made it into the round of 32 in the current edition of Canadian Idol. (The show is not, as one might expect, generally available for viewing south of the 49th parallel.)

The Canadian Press (CP) reports:

The 32 finalists were announced Wednesday night on the popular televised singing contest. The group is made up of 16 males and 19 females representing eight provinces.

The contestants will now be divided into groups of eight. Each group will perform over four consecutive Tuesday nights. The two competitors who get the most votes each week will remain in the competition.

The final two Top 10 competitors will be determined after a "wild card showdown" on July 12.

The top 10 contestants will face off beginning July 19.
CTV adds:
The 32 competitors represent eight provinces and 25 communities from Duncan, British Columbia to Burlington, Newfoundland. Ranging in age from 16 to 27, the semi-finalists are a snapshot of Canadian youth, representing Canada's diverse ethnic population, regional distinctions and rich history of talented performers. Four were born outside of Canada (Cuba, Columbia, India and England). Four speak French as their first language. Among the 13 guys and 19 girls are an automotive technician, night club host, children's theatre instructor, Stratford Festival actor, paralegal, make-up artist, radio DJ andfinance consultant. One of them will become the next Canadian Idol.
Dave will be competing on June 21 against Vince Benenati, Alinka Chambers, Casey LeBlanc, David Mongar, Josh Palmer, Julie Tellier, and Emily Vinette. (Is it just me, or do all those surnames just scream "I am Canadian/Je suis canadien/Je suis canadienne"?)


Anonymous said...

of course they scream I am canadian
seeing as it is canadian idol.
and blame the american tv stations, because canadian idol is just one of the many great canadian shows we have

Anonymous said...

Check out, we're voting to keep Dave Moffatt in the competition this week, and vote very week to help the worst of Canadian Idol survive.