Monday, May 02, 2005

The Pope, the Washington Times, and Me

I was pleased to learn that the Washington Times picked up my piece on Pope Benedict XVI and the previous popes named Benedict. The article appeared in the "Forum" section of the Sunday (May 1) Commentary pages. Oddly, the article can be found only in the print edition of the Washington Times; the newspaper's web site has another article in its place. (The other two "Forum" articles that appeared in Sunday's paper -- one on Social Security and the other on outsourcing -- can be found there.)

I would not be averse to loyal readers of this blog responding to the piece in the Times with a letter to the editor, perhaps encouraging him to publish more of my articles.

Update, May 4: After I sent an email expressing curiosity to the Commentary staff, the anomaly was corrected and my article now appears on the Washington Times website.

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