Monday, July 25, 2005

School Days, School Days

The multipartisan group of Charlottesville residents seeking to put a measure on the ballot that, if approved, would change Charlottesville's school board from an appointed to an elected body, are well on their way toward success.

The group has until August 10 to collect the signatures of 2,332 registered voters. They have so far collected 2,122 valid signatures, with an absolutely amazing -- and amazingly consistent -- validity rate of about 85 percent.

Barring the most adverse circumstances imaginable (or unimaginable), it looks like the referendum will be on the ballot and Charlottesville voters will have a real campaign on their hands between August 10 and November 8.


James Young said...

What took Charlottesville so long? I think most jurisdictions did this a decade ago.

Tim said...

Heh. Welcome to the political machine, James.