Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Strange Fruit (Reprise)

I've been very popular with reporters today.

Hours before my telephone conversation with Los Angeles-based writer James Verini about the International Freedom Foundation (I am sure I disappointed him by not having known Jack Abramoff), I received a call from Chris Graham of the Augusta Free Press, who had come across a piece I wrote some years ago about hate-crimes legislation.

He was interested in my views on the topic given the vandalization of the UCC church in Middlebrook. I told him what I have always believed: hate crimes laws are unnecessary if local law enforcement officials are doing their jobs of investigating, prosecuting, and punishing crimes that are committed, regardless of motivation or the words expressed by criminals before or during their crimes. I also added my reservations about anti-bullying laws passed by the Virginia General Assembly earlier this year.

Watch for Chris's article in a forthcoming edition of the Augusta Free Press.

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