Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Love Makes the World Go 'Round

Until a few weeks ago, I had never even heard the term "blog carnival." Now I learn that there are many of them.

Beside the Virginia Blog Carnival, which this week features my post on evolution and creationism (and last week featured my post on Tom DeLay), there is the Carnival of Liberty, now in its 15th week. In addition, the TTLB ÜberCarnival lists more than 15 different blog carnivals -- and I am sure there are more.

The 36th Carnival of Education was kind enough to feature my posting from early yesterday morning, "At Seventeen," described like this:

Rick Sincere is (I believe) a new contributor to the Carnival. He's in Virginia, blogs at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts, and this week offers a post that was inspired by the Time Magazine cover story on gay teenagers. Rick reminds readers that coming out can actually save someone from years of psychological turmoil. He's got much more to say than will fit in this little blurb.
The Carnival of Education has more than three dozen entries divided into these seven categories: higher education, homeschooling, education policy, survival guide for students (and parents), survival guide for teachers, technology and testing, and teaching and learning.

Next week, the Carnival of Education will be hosted by the Education Wonks, which also hosted the 35th edition last week. (That post also has links to all the previous education carnivals.)

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