Sunday, October 09, 2005

When I Found You, Part 4

Every few weeks, I take a look at who is visiting this blog and share with you, my loyal readers, some of the more -- how shall I put this? -- eccentric search terms that bring people here.

You may be also interested to learn the most popular search terms that people use to Google their way to this vicinity. Here are the top ten search strings from among our last 1,ooo visitors:

fecr virginia

dave moffatt

dave moffatt gay

fecr 571

aaron carter pot

fecr in virginia

aaron carter smoking

aaron carter marijuana

rick sincere

dave moffatt nude
Notice some patterns there? Some repeated words and phrases? So do I.

Now, I'm flattered that my own name would make the list -- and to be in such company as Aaron Carter and Dave Moffatt! Considering that the Aaron Carter pot-smoking story is months old -- I first blogged about it in March, with an update in late April, and nothing since then -- I am amazed each day when I see those two postings at or near the top of the list of what people are reading.

As for Dave Moffatt -- well, I can only thank my Canadian readers (as well as many in Thailand, the Philippines, Poland, and Brazil) for coming here to learn about their favorite Canadian Idol contestant.

Apparently a telemarketing/polling firm in Northern Virginia rouses enough curiosity -- or ire -- among the recipients of its call recipients that they Google the number that shows up on their caller IDs and find my remarks about Attorney General candidate Bob McDonnell's campaign. Whether they find those remarks useful or informative, I can't say.

Now, as for the odd and the inscrutable, here we go. Make of these what you will:

"+1" email addresses of all the clergy men and high priests who are ceo's and owners of firms in america "2005"

ayn rand we the living notes purple monkey

ayn randy

david crockett's homecoming queen 2005

emanate dominion controversy

"jack abramoff" bagel signatures

jerry kilgore cinderella ban

king john sings magna carta

"l. douglas wilder" + "paper moon"

magna carta prom pictures

most famous things in gabon

urban renewal/slum clearance
in north korea
And my favorites, for the sheer contrariness of them:
kilgore "keep gays out of schools"

tim kaine "gays out of our schools"
(By the way, Tim Kaine changed the wording of his infamous "keep gays out of our schools" commercial. The narrator now says "keep gang members out of our schools," enunciated clearly. A lot of people, apparently, misunderstood "gangs" as "gays" and the campaign caught wind of this. Thanks to Waldo Jaquith for bringing me up to date on this.)

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