Friday, April 07, 2006

London Calling 2

I arrived in London early Friday morning after a flight that was a bit longer than expected. By strange coincidence, my initial seatmate was a fellow Charlottesvillian -- a French teacher from William Monroe High School in Greene County, who was chaperoning a group of 14 students on a trip to London and Paris. She explained that their original flight was canceled (or for some reason their seats were unavailable) and they had to wait six hours to catch the next one, which was mine. That may explain why the 777 was packed to the gills.

Today was all client meetings, not much time for fun. We did have lunch at a nice restaurant, La Genova, and dinner at an even nicer one, Matsuri St. James's. (Odd how nobody traveling to London chooses to eat English food.)

The weather here has been lovely and Londonish all day long -- mostly overcast with a steady drizzle. Ah, home!

Despite what the posting time says (below), it's actually 12:48 a.m. here. And it's Saturday, April 8. My birthday ended almost an hour ago.

But a shout-out to my college friend, Tony Mallerdino of Chicago, who celebrates his own birthday today!

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