Tuesday, April 18, 2006

London in the Rain

My last full day in London was drizzly and overcast -- undeniably English weather. Of course, a little rain never stops anyone from walking the streets of London, or enjoying an afternoon in the park.

My hotel was not far from the Marble Arch tube station and its eponymous arch

A short walk from Marble Arch is the famed Speaker's Corner at Hyde Park, where people literally stand on soapboxes to have their say to whomever might listen. The speakers I saw that day were mostly Marxists (www.marxist.com?) and Muslims.

As explained at SpeakersCorner.net, "Speakers Corner has been a place of assembly for those battling for their rights since the middle of the 19th Century. It was here that the Chartists, the Reform League, the May Day demonstrators and the Suffragettes held many of their greatest battles, tens of millions have assembled here and many have won reforms!"

Hyde Park is not short of attractions, as you can see.

This statue of Peter Pan in Hyde Park doesn't quite match the image we remember from Mary Martin, Cathy Rigby, or (especially) Jeremy Sumpter.

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