Saturday, May 27, 2006

Even Charlottesville Has a Carnival

It seems we're being crushed this week by blog carnivals -- the Virginia Blog Carnival, the Carnival of the Mundane, the Carnival of Liberty -- not that we're complaining.

Now Waldo Jaquith has posted this week's Charlottesville Blog Carnival, with a collection of stories from the greater Charlottesville blogosphere.

Among other things, I learned from Waldo that Richard Herskowitz has created a blog about programming the Virginia Film Festival, always one of the most exciting (and exhausting, in a good way) weekends of the year. The theme of the 2006 festival is "Revelations: Finding God at the Movies." Richard's latest entry is about "Mormonsploitation."

In other Charlottesville/blogging news, Waldo also reveals that Virginia Attorney General Bob ("Not that I recall") McDonnell will be the opening speaker at the Sorensen Institute's second annual Virginia blog summit, which already has a long list of registrants.

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Waldo Jaquith said...

Thanks for the carnival shout-out! I think the quality and breadth of the writing in the Charlottesville blogosphere is so impressive that I could happily read only C'ville blog entries and be pretty satisfied.