Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Carnival of Liberty Numero 49

Liberty Corner is hosting this week's Carnival of Liberty (the 49th in a series), noting

"Carnivals (of the real kind) attract a motley cross-section of humanity. Carnivals of Liberty similarly attract a varied cross-section of blogdom. This 49th Carnival of Liberty offers as many views of life, liberty, and property as there are entries -- 35 of them, by my count. Instead of simply giving you the basics (blogger's name and links to his or her blog and Carnival entry), I am including brief excerpts of most entries, to entice you to read further.

"The good news is that you'll find much that conforms to and confirms your own views. The better news is that you're sure to find much that challenges you and makes you think more deeply about liberty: what it is and whence it comes, how best to defend it, the role of government in defending it (or suppressing it), who its friends and enemies are, how it fares abroad, and how the blogosphere fosters it."

The next Carnival of Liberty -- the big Five-O -- will be hosted by TuCents.

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