Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Twin Carnivals

Jason Kenney hosts this week's Virginia Blog Carnival, presenting it in a carnival-barker style that compels you to look behind the side-show curtain to take a peak at the freaks.

A couple of excerpts:

That guy who isn't that chef Emeril (but still makes a kick ass chicken and veggie dish from what I hear) has some thoughts on the Gay Marriage Amendment. If those don't tickle your fancy, consider this: If you take the tile of his post "My Thoughts On The Gay Marriage Amendment" and translate it to French using AltaVista's BabelFish and then translate it back into English, it becomes "My Thoughts On The Merry Amendment Of Marriage". So just by using the title and translations, we can all assume that he and everyone else who speaks of this "Gay Marriage Amendment" think it's a merry thing to do. Or so the French would have us believe. On a side note (because I've been staying on topic up to now), I'm Not Emeril's favorite Beatle is the recently late Billy Preston....

Kilo ventures into the great unknown and pulls back the curtain on the bearded lady we all know and love as Zogby Interactive.

Ghana knocked the US out of the World Cup tourney on Thursday and nobody in Virginia really cared....

Gasp in shock and horror as Rick Sincere recounts his lunchtime escapade with the one and only Dick Cheney!
Eerily and chillingly, Jason reveals the secret identity of well-known pseudonymous blogger The Jaded JD but mentions that next week's Virginia Blog Carnival host is so secret that not even a pseudonym is known. (Details about how the VBC works are posted at Commonwealth Conservative.)

Jason also notes that there is a special-edition carnival rounding up all of the postings about this month's Virginia bloggers' summit in Charlottesville. This is hosted by Semi-Truths, and it turns out that there were more reports on the conference posted than I thought. (I count 23 or 24 separate entries -- maybe more.) That Sorensen Institute: it motivates people!

While we're on the subject of writing on the Internet, let me close with a bit of doggerel I found in Ernest Lefever's new book, Liberating the Limerick. This is attributed to Maynard Kaplan:
A third grader who lives in Bucyrus
Has unleashed a computerized virus
That endangers us all
In large countries and small,
Excepting those still using papyrus.

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