Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Amendment Ads

The Commonwealth Coalition has unveiled a dramatic new 30-second TV spot explaining in clear terms why Virginians should vote "no" on Ballot Question #1 on Election Day:

While looking for the ad on YouTube, I discovered that in Wisconsin, where a similar measure is up for a vote this November, a lot of the same issues are being raised, in terms of how the second paragraph of the amendment generates a great deal of legal uncertainty and doubt in the minds of voters who read the whole thing:

The Wisconsin equivalent of the Commonwealth Coalition is called "Fair Wisconsin" -- not to be confused, I'm sure, with the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, where I spent many happy August hours as a child eating cream puffs presented by Alice in Dairyland (I kid you not) and as an adolescent drinking beer and eating fresh-roasted corn on the cob. And let's not forget the cow with a window in its side so you could watch its inner workings. Ah, memories!

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