Friday, October 20, 2006

Subversive Hair Product

While watching Nathan Lane being interviewed by Conan O'Brien on Late Night a few minutes ago, I saw the U.S. version of this UK-originated commercial for a new VO5 hair-care product:

I find it refreshingly subversive. It's a playlet with the same theme as Ayn Rand's Anthem.

You've got to love YouTube, too, for giving me the capability of finding the video within 30 seconds of seeing it on TV. That's Web 2.0 for you.

Funny thing -- in the American ad, the product comes in a long red tube. In the British one, it's in a baby-blue jar. Any significance to that?

Break the mold, indeed! Vive la difference!

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alilbit said...

Whoa Rick I am so humbled and embarrased now.The offer as my editor still stands though ok?J/k have a great weekend