Friday, February 02, 2007

Disappointment from Britain

British television viewers must be crying in their tea upon reading this news, as reported in The Guardian:

Channel 4 has postponed transmission of its "wank week" programming in a bid to avoid further controversy in the aftermath of the Celebrity Big Brother racism row.

The network's short season of three late night documentaries about masturbation was to have been broadcast next month, but has now been taken out of the schedule.

They are expected to be broadcast at a later date, but it is understood they may be broadcast separately and certainly not as part of a branded wank week season.

Correspondent Jason Deans provided this brief but wistful description of what Guardian readers might be missing due to the postponement:
Wank week included documentaries about compulsive male masturbators, female masturbation, and a wankathon event held in London last year.
The question remains, however: Which American TV network will pick up the "wank week" documentaries now that Britain's Channel 4 has got cold feet? (Your suggestions are welcome in the comments section, below.) This could be a whole new arena for office pools, once the Super Bowl is finished. Can "wank week" beat the spread?

I can only imagine what kind of traffic this post will drive my way, after the flood of visitors wanting to see "Harry Potter, Shirtless."

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