Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Carnival Quartet

A few recent blog carnivals have pointed their readers in this direction.

A new carnival, just launched this week, is called "Design or Oops?," hosted at the Global Conservative, who explains the purpose behind the carnival:

Some say the universe was designed, others insist it's all simply an accident. Either way it's an interesting topic, so send your thoughts in. I will post every Tuesday and I have no deadline for submissions. I'll take it as it comes.
The first edition of this carnival is rather modest, with only two entries:

Hell's Handmaiden presents MikeGene Tries Desperately to Miss the Point | hell's handmaiden posted at Hell's Handmaiden.


Rick Sincere presents There's a Huckster Born Every Minute posted at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts.
An ad hoc blog carnival (that is, one that is not ongoing) was set up at Pharyngula, with a collection of postings about the Creation Museum, including my own post that compares the "museum" to the Cardiff Giant. This one is quite comprehensive, including links to the mainstream media as well as to blogs of all types.

Bryan Norwood at Movement of Existence hosts the latest Carnival of Principled Government, noting my entry about Ron Paul's reading list for Rudy Giuliani.

Finally, though I'm not mentioned in this one, I just had to include a link to the latest Carnival of the Capitalists, which this week is hosted at The Marketing Whore. I like that name -- short, honest, to the point.

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