Thursday, June 07, 2007

Community Theatre - Part Two

In part one of this series, I posted a video from a 1977 production of The Music Man at St. Bernard's Studio Theater in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

After I did that, I discovered some still photographs from the show. These were apparently taken during a dress rehearsal. Most are from on stage; some are from backstage.

I would ask anyone who recognizes himself or herself to please note it in the comments section. Tell us who you are and which picture you can be seen in.


Anonymous said...

Well, Rick, I'll do my best to ID the participants:

- no idea who is playing the trombone- maybe a Yanny?

- group shot has Arlene something-or-other as Marian and Dominic Forgianni as Harold Hill.

- no idea

- the quartet, left to right: don't remember, Wally Huc (and his aching knees), Joe Lustig, and John Lynch

- Chuck White and Dominic

- I see Ann Fehrenbach in the front, so I'm probably just out of frame. Or maybe I fell down.

- the gal in the middle, I can hear her voice, but I can't recall the name.

- You're resting your elbows on Ruth Zacher's shoulders (I remember 'cause I had a crush on her), and standing with our backs to the audience are Ann Fehrenbach again, and yours truly.

- Irene Alberte and Arlene again - was her last name Hayes?

- I don't remember who was in the band, but I went to school with every one of them every day for eight years...

- There you are, sweeping up...

- Irene, Arlene, and Dominic

- Therese Weiter- I saw her at a reunion a while ago.

- The salesman- I see Chuck, you, John Lynch, Joe Lustig

- Arlene and Irene flanking Danny Kayser, I think...

- the library dance number, too distant to recognize anyone

- same again

- can't tell who the boys are, although that might be George Fehrenback in the front

- You're asking Sharon Rise to dance, I believe

By the way, I saw Lisa Bender at a high school reunion last year, and she has recovered well from the trauma of the "Footbridge Ballet..."

Thanks for the nostalgia overdose. I'm going to have to send the link to about a hundred people...

Anonymous said...

How exciting!

I pretty much recognized the same people that Barry did, except I had a hard time recognizing my dad - he looks younger than me!

I still spend my summers doing musicals - sometimes with Sharon Rise and Nancy Visintainer-Armstrong. This summer I am in Footloose at Sunset Playhouse.

Jack Lynch

Anonymous said...

Wow, this brought back a ton of memories! Thanks for putting this together - I called Kimberley and we looked thru it together. This was some of my early costuming work.

The missing quartet member is Bob Enoch; I think that was the year of the perm.

Let us not forget Denny! Dennis Rheingans; our very talented music director.

I run into various folks still playing in theatre in Milwaukee/Wauwatosa. Thanks for sharing this Nancy.

Rick; I do volunteer work at Hunger Task Force and recently met your Aunt -- small world!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my. I had forgotton the perm.

Jack, Suzie, say hello to anyone and everyone for me. I'm in St. Paul, and I don't do theater anymore- I have a 12 year old, a 9 year old, and a two year old to keep me busy instead.