Saturday, June 09, 2007

Recent Carnivals

The latest Catholic Carnival, hosted by Living Catholicism, notes my post on "Jesus, the Pope, and a Rabbi," perhaps unintentionally (in light of my "choirboy" status at St. Thomas Aquinas) juxtaposed with a mention of a piece on church music:

We all love music. And A Catholic Life gives us more with Music for the Catholic Soul. It is a list of websites that have Catholic music, especially Gregorian Chant. Other suggestions are welcome.

An old joke gets revived – in a different way – on Rick Sincere News and Thoughts with Jesus, the Pope, and a Rabbi. It looks at Pope Benedict XVI’s recent book and his discussion of another book written by a rabbi.

This carnival points to a lot of interesting posts from around the Catholic blogosphere; I recommend it. (The next Catholic Carnival his scheduled to be hosted by Deo Omnis Gloria.)

On a lighter note, Free Graduation Cards is hosting a new carnival about -- naturally -- "Celebrating Graduations." (It was actually posted on June 4.) It mentions my video-enhanced memories of my graduation from Marquette University High School:
The theme for this carnival is "Looking Back and Stepping Forward". I really have to thank Rick Sincere who posted about May 22, 1977, which he wrote is "A reminiscence of my own high school graduation 30 years ago ..." A big thanks also goes to Ted Reimers who gives us CampusGrotto - Advice for Freshman Year saying "Here is some advice for high school graduates going on to college."
By the way, there is already a subsequent edition of the Celebrating Graduations carnival, published on June 7.

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