Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hunter Parrish, Hunted Celebrity

Hunter Parrish, who plays teen hunk "Silas" on the Showtime cable TV series, Weeds, is unusually popular these days. I have seen a rush of hits today (and in recent weeks) from people looking for him.

According to SiteMeter, these are the twelve most popular searches leading to my blog:

hunter parrish shirtless
circumcised celebrities
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hunter parrish gay
josh hutcherson shirtless
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tyler whitney
rick sincere
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mark ellmore
"hunter parrish" shirtless
Republican congressional candidate Mark Ellmore must be pleased to find himself in eleventh place, directly behind "US Airways sucks" and close on the heels of "Aaron Carter drugs."

I wonder if anyone is having success in finding nude/naked/shirtless pictures of Hunter Parrish or his nearest rival on this list, Josh Hutcherson.

Update: Hunter Parrish continues to be unusually popular, especially on nights that Weeds is on TV.

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Anonymous said...

Hunter appears shirtless in a couple episodes of the current season of Weeds, including the one that's showing the week of July 21.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I think he's recently developed a desire to beef up his body. Last season on Weeds he seemed like just a good looking kid, this year he's suddenly become one hot number. No doubt the producers have noticed his bod too because of several scenes with him appearing shirtless. Very nice indeed.