Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Gremlin in the DCCC

A few days ago, I reported that I had received a weird call from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, urging me to vote for Glenn Nye for Congress and Barack Obama for President.

This was weird, I said, because Nye is running for Congress in the Second Congressional District in southeastern Virginia, while I live and vote in the Fifth Congressional District in central and southside Virginia.

Well, I just checked my voicemail and discovered another call from the DCCC, again touting congressional candidate Glenn Nye. The only difference between the calls was that the first one was a recording with a male voice and the second one had a female voice.

Surely I am not the only person in the 434 area code who is receiving these misdirected campaign calls.

The question is: Did the DCCC just get a bad phone list that is running (and rerunning) through a robocall computer program? If so, the committee had better start purging its staff of incompetent computer technicians, because somebody should have caught that error.

Perhaps there is just a random gremlin in the program, but -- considering that my first Glenn Nye call came on October 17 and my second one came on October 24 -- that little imp should have been uncovered by now.

Or perhaps Thelma Drake's campaign has a tactically positioned mole in the DCCC, who is making sure that Virgil Goode's constituents get the Glenn Nye calls, while voters in the 757 are being urged to vote for Tom Perriello.

I can't wait to see the write-in results from both districts.

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