Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unusual Campaign Call

As most of my readers should know, I live in the Fifth Congressional District of Virginia, where incumbent Republican Virgil Goode is being challenged by Democrat Tom Perriello this year.

I was just checking my voicemail (on my home phone, with a 434 area code) and found a message from the "D-triple-C" (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), telling me to expect some information in the mail about, and asking me to support, "Glenn Nye" for Congress.

Isn't Glenn Nye running against Thelma Drake in the Second Congressional District? And aren't all (or at least most) of the telephones in that district linked to area code 757?

Should I take the DCCC's advice, and write in the name of Glenn Nye instead of their party's nominee in my district, Tom Perriello?

Odd call. Odd phone list. Odd use of campaign resources.

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