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My two Christmas-related blogposts from yesterday (Christmas in Milwaukee - 1959 and Later, about my childhood holidays in the city that made beer famous, and A New Christmas Tradition in Arlington, which is a review of the new holiday musical revue at the American Century Theater) are now featured in the 2008 Carnival of Christmas, hosted by CatHouse Chat and posted earlier today.

My twinned posts get a place of honor (thanks, Kat!) in a section called "Christmas Traditions and Memories." (The first of several such sections, followed by "Christmas Meditations," "Christmas Recipes," "Christmas Songs, Pictures, Video, and Poetry," "Christmas Advent Series," "Christmas Humor," "Christmas Miscellany," and "Christmas Delays" -- quite a list, and quite readable, at that.) Take a look:

Our Carnival Daddy, Adam Graham, starts us off in this category with The Christmas Advantage. Don’t forget, in these uncertain times, “a lean Christmas doesn’t have to be a poor one.” Amen, Adam. Amen!
Jenn H. presents His Christmas Legacy over at Mixed It is a beautiful and touching tale about the simple faithfulness of the season, and how rich a simple, loving life can be.
Rick Sincere, one of my Virginia blog-brothers, has sent in two delightful posts – one about his memories of how his family celebrated Christmas in Milwaukee (and he’s got pictures AND a video – gosh, you were a cute kid, Rick!). I love seeing how other families have traditions springing out of their former cultures… His second entry is no less worthy, and speaks about new traditions being made, this time in Arlington, VA. I will definitely have to try and get up there next year for some good music and theater – maybe Rick can get me the tickets! LOL *wink*
Have you ever wondered whether wrapping presents is worth it? Well, according to a study that GrrlScientist dug up, it certainly is!
Suldog reposts Pointy the Poinsettia this year, and all Pointy’s fans will be delighted to know he’s doing very well!
TF Stern sent in his Gingerbread Cookie Tradition – which ought to go in the recipes section, except it’s not a recipe. It’s a story about sacrifice in lean times, and how the true value of any gift is how much of yourself you put into it.
Here is a very worthwhile read: Teaching Your Children About Giving on Christmas Day. Vickie of SidetrackedMoms is one of our prolific contributors this year, and I think this is my favorite entry from her. But then again, I also adore her post about Christmas traditions, so you ought to go over and decide for yourself!
Oh, I remember cutting our own Christmas tree – and this story about a family’s first experience with cutting their own tree is both funny and heartwarming… Thanks to Philaazophy for this contribution!
Laura Lee Donoho tells us a beautiful tale of how she learned to give the gift someone wanted. That’s a very difficult lesson to learn – we often want to give what we think someone ought to want – but Laura relates the story with a simple honesty that is truly touching. There’s a lot more, so you really really need to go read! Thank you, Laura; I’m so glad you found the Carnival this year! (And Jo was always my favorite, too!)
My dear blog-brother – and new grandapa! – GM Roper writes about Daddy Bah and his Gift of Love. The GMan writes so well, and the story of enduring and selfless love will really bless your heart!
How many of us sing the story of Frosty the Snowman? Well, Jody Wilcoxat Contemporary Conservative shows us how very like Jesus ol’ Frosty is… And does an exemplary job of reminding us of the meaning of Christmas!
Obi’s Sister sends in two entries of Christmas memories: the Best Santa Ever! and one about singing with Robert Shaw’s youth chorus one year *happy shivers* I love hearing big, well-trained choirs sing!
Finally for this section, Big Dog (yeppers, another blog-brother!) reminds us that a Simple Gift for Christmas is what it’s all about.
Not only does Kat deserve thanks and kudos for putting together an extensive and entertaining Carnival of Christmas, she also is due some congratulations for having the carnival linked by Glenn Reynolds at InstaPundit. (Watch that holiday traffic go through the roof!)

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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