Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Carnival Roundup

Two of my recent blogposts have been featured in (even more recent) blog carnivals.

"Trends of the New Economy" was linked by the oddly-named ScreamBucket (motto: "Conveniently Located at the Corner of Now and Tomorrow") in its "LinkBucket -- Issue One." It was also linked by "A Carnival of Economics" at (motto: "Economics, Politics, Business, Finance…") and in the BoBo Carnival of Politics at the BoBo Files (motto: "Driving the loony left loonier").

Hosted by the Quisani League (motto: "The Voices of the People Dedicated to Preserving America"), the Carnival of Conservatives featured a link to my post "Virginia Is for Freedom Lovers," which looks into a new Mercatus Center study that compares levels of economic and personal liberty among the 50 states. (Doug Mataconis also linked to that post at Below the Beltway, but that wasn't a blog carnival occurrence.)

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