Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have You Found What You're Looking For?

Good news for those many readers who come here looking for "jesse eisenberg shirtless": the new movie, Adventureland, scheduled to open across the country on April 3, features Jesse Eisenberg not only shirtless, but in wet underpants. (Is that what one would call a "double feature"?)

It turns out that the search term, "jesse eisenberg shirtless," is the second-most popular hook that brings people to this blog, tied with "tyler whitney" and barely behind "douglas wilder." (Those rankings are based on the last 4,000 visits.)

A while has passed since I last looked at the weird search terms that lead people here. To be honest, there aren't as many odd or inscrutable or daffy search terms as there once were. It may be that people are learning better how to navigate the InterWebs, how to use the Google more effectively. It's sad, in a way, since the strange search terms have always been entertaining (if only to me).

Here are a few recent examples of weirdness that stand out:

abraham lincoln popstar

bob mcdonnell cannot remember oral sex

did ricky nelson have a large penis

gay themes in yiddish literature

"jockey shorts"(spanking) friend -kid -monkey

Representative "James P. Moran" Democrat of Virginia erectile dysfunction

there was a phrase said at the 2009 oscars what was it

what common household has been recently tainted with salmonella?
Here are a few with thematic links:
shirtless dan quayle
shirtless daniel bruhl
shirtless jason alexander
shirtless jesse palmer
shirtless pictures of jewish men
shirtless pictures of josh hutcherson
And, finally, here are a few focused on Charlottesville's own Trevor Moore, co-director of the new film, Miss March:
the trevor moore show
trevor moore cuddy
trevor moore movie
trevor moore scraps
trevor moore sexy
trevor moore shirtless
trevor moore, Brooklyn

What is the movie called with the boy who gets in a coma for four years and the girl he loved is a playboy playmate of the month for march
I hope the person with that last question found a satisfactory answer.

If not, come back soon. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

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Anonymous said...

that is how i found this, by typing in trevor moore shirtless