Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise

If there is any doubt that some people earnestly identify our current president, Barack Obama, with the promised Messiah who saves the world from sin, death, and penury, that doubt was removed by this advertisement in Sunday's Charlottesville Daily Progress (p. B3), among a full page of Easter Worship Services announcements from local churches:

Is any further comment necessary? Even Pepsi's new logo is more subtle than this.

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Anonymous said...


Or perhaps the church is pointing out that the change offered by Christ is far more subtantial (and certainly more permanent) than the change promised by Obama.

Steven Latimer said...


J.R.Hoeft said...

I think you're spot-on. Looks like clever marketing to me.

Cathy said...

This is clearly a negative comment on Obama, complete with black eclipse moving away revealing the white sun. This is, in fact, a commentary about those who would deify Obama, not an attempt to do so.

And the hackneyed type treatment sucks, too.