Monday, January 25, 2010

Pop One for Me, Please

It's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Who knew?

It turns out that people have been celebrating the useful (but sometimes annoying) packing material for nine years now, in anticipation (I guess) of the 50th anniversary of the invention of Bubble Wrap in 2010.

According to the Christian Science Monitor -- which used to be available as packing material itself, until it went on-line only last year:

Sealed Air Corporation's Bubble Wrap, like Kleenex, Post-Its, and, well, Snuggies, has come to occupy one the rarest gems of consumer acceptance: adoption of its brand name as the generic term for the product. And because an Indiana radio station decided it nine years ago, today, the last Monday in January, is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, a day when folks the world over are encouraged to pause, ponder, and, well, pop little plastic bubbles of air.
CSM points to a web site to aid the celebration:, which includes "Fun & Games," a "Gift Shop," and "1001 Uses." And, of course, Bubble Wrap has an official Facebook page.

All that's left is for you to rush to your nearest office supply store, buy a roll of Bubble Wrap, and tease your dog for hours on end.

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