Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Albemarle County, Va: "We're Number 69!"

Last month I noted that Hanover County, Virginia, had been rated as the eighth most conservative-friendly county in the United States by The Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson's new on-line news site.

Two other Virginia localities, Chesterfield County and Virginia Beach, also made the top 100 list.

Now The Daily Caller is ranking the top 100 liberal-friendly counties in the country.  Yesterday it listed 81-100; today it listed 61-80.

It turns out that our own Albemarle County (including, it seems, according to the description, the independent city of Charlottesville that the county encircles) is ranked number 69.  This is what The Daily Caller has to say about our liberal community:

69. Albemarle County, Va.
Largest city: Charlottesville

Charlottesville is an independent city, but the county seat of surrounding Albemarle County is Charlottesville. Just as well, sicne the two entities are basically one and the same. Thomas Jefferson, a native of the county, set up his last great project in Charlottesville — the University of Virginia. The university dominates the economy and culture of the county. The county correspondingly leans Democratic, and Charlottesville is more liberal than the county itself.
Albemarle is snuggled, on the list, between #70 Ulster County, New York (where Woodstock is located; enough said) and #68 Kauai County, Hawai'i.  (Intriguingly, Hawai'i County is #67 and Maui County is #66.)

The rest of the top 100 will be posted in 20-county increments on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We will find out later this week how highly ranked are Arlington County and the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church -- and whether any other Virginia counties qualify for the honor of being "most liberal."

I know a lot of progressives in and around Charlottesville are going to be grumbling about their low ranking.  They'll do their best on November 2 to change that for next year's survey.

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