Friday, May 26, 2006

Horror Funhouse of the Mundane

This blog was highlighted today in the Carnival of the Mundane, described by its founder, Dean Abbott, as

a carnival for those of us whose material is everyday stuff, a showcase for those dedicated to drawing out the humor or insight from the humdrum.
This week's carnival is posted at Run Jen Run, who writes:
I’m sure that for many people, the idea of a carnival conjures up happy Technicolor memories of cotton candy and roller coasters, corn dogs and stuffed animals. For me, when I think of carnivals, aside from flashing to scenes from this one really horrible B-movie [I think it was called The Funhouse] where a deformed man terrorized teenagers in a carnival, I am hurled into a series of painful childhood memories that I worked hard to repress....

I found it ironic that my own recollection of carnivals is one of fear and shame, and somehow, every single submission that people sent me revolved around those exact ideas. Apparently, these are the most mundane of emotions. And here, I always thought that was love.
I'm not sure if my particular post -- in which I muse about the lack of a AAA-equivalent for homeowners -- qualifies as "one of fear and shame," but I appreciate the mention nonetheless.

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