Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Odd and the Inscrutable

It has been a while since I last looked at the odd, eccentric, and simply inexplicable search terms that lead people to this blog.

The top fifteen search terms that bring people here are all fairly straightforward, but they also fall into two main categories: "Dave Moffatt" and "Aaron Carter." (Thanks to all their fans for driving my traffic upward.) Here are the top fifteen in order:

dave moffatt

dave moffatt gay

rick sincere

aaron carter drugs

aaron carter pot

scott moffatt


dave moffat

aaron carter marijuana

dave moffatt nude

karen hospital

dave moffat gay

aaron carter smoking pot

dave moffatts

aaron carter on drugs
Truth be told, some of the strange searches also include these teen-idol celebrities, and certainly many more in that broad category of The Young and the Cute and the Talented.

I've alphabetized the list except for one group of terms, which you will see at the end.

"a Priest and a Rabbi are on an Airplane"

aaron carter circumcised

adam smith dueling banjos

aluminum christmas tree rage

america's fungible humans: females and tin soldiers

Ayn Rand "does not understand socialism"

boxer fraud voting 2006 taxes iraq

cheats on senior seminar intent papers literature restaurant

circumcised celebrities

criminal laws are they real orare they fiction

Daniel Radcliffe is attending UVA in 2007

Dave Moffatt Gay Porn

did Tom Lehrer inspire Mel Brooks and hitler

Frankie Muniz circumcised

funerals advantages and disadvantage

gay people named arlene

gregory pecks gravesite

hooters fairfax hillary

hot gossip on Ronald Reagan

Is Rex Smith circumcised??

jamaican bobsled 2006 fiat video

jeremy sumpter in emergency room

middle school student models nude

milton friedman prostitution

national underpants

No one in France wears their underpants

older porn sample pics over 40

oliver wendall holes jr. on court management
(Yahoo: Did you mean: oliver wendell holes jr. on court management)

photos when thomas jefferson was a baby

pronouncing sommelier

public sex with old lady pics

really like dick

rumors of elephant man being gay

scared plant traditions, charlottesville virginia

Sodomizing a child tips

spongebob at tinky winky pool party

Swedish bestiality clips

teenagers who want to be gay

Who is hotter? Jesse mccarthy Or daniel Radcliffe

And in the similar patterns category:

"lou taylor pucci" shirtless

"hunter parrish" shirtless

Josh Hutcherson Shirtless

"joshua bell" shirtless photo

daniel bruhl shirtless

aaron carter shirtless

"rick santorum" "shirtless"

I recognize all of the names there but "Josh Hutcherson." But really -- Rick Santorum?!