Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Congratulations, Tyler!

Congratulations are due to Tyler Whitney, who briefly was the center of a minor national controversy and who later became one of the most active draws for visitors to this blog. (His name continues to be among the top ten search terms leading here, right up there with Hunter Parrish and Josh Hutcherson.)

In Tuesday's Republican primary election for local offices in Michigan, Tyler won a sufficient number of votes to proceed to the general election for Bath Township Trustee.

According to unofficial results posted by the Clinton County clerk, the four GOP nominees are: Clark E. Losey (381 votes), Terrie Wood (322 votes), Harold Buck Kuisel (312 votes), and Tyler Whitney (251 votes). Garrett Slater came in fifth (with 218 votes) in this vote-for-up-to-four race.

The four Republican nominees will face these Democratic counterparts on November 4: Paula L. Clark (432 votes), Rick Curtis (367 votes), Leon Puttler (343 votes), and Walter Pett (302 votes). Michael Creed, Joel Gutzki, Kathleen Topp Jubb, and Robert L. Leiby failed to make the cut.

I have been unable to locate an official campaign web site, but there is a Facebook group called "Tyler Whitney for Bath County Trustee" with some information about the campaign. Campaign contributions can be sent to:

Friends of Tyler Whitney
15375 Club Course Drive
Bath, MI 48808
There will no doubt be more information about Tyler and the rest of the candidates on his slate available on the Clinton County Republican party's web site. Those who want to vote in the November election in Michigan but who are not yet registered can download a voter registration form here.

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