Saturday, August 27, 2005

Light My Fire?

Once this story appears in print, somebody has to send it to Jay Leno. It's one of those little ironies that belong on his weekly "Headlines" segment.

radio in Charlottesville is reporting that there was a fire at 4:30 this morning at a business on Route 29 North in Albemarle County. Foul play is not suspected, but "total damage is estimated to be approximately $25,000." The business? Badger Fire Protection.

Well, I'm off to the Virginia bloggers' conference, sponsored by the Sorensen Institute. As WINA News describes today's event:

UVA's Sorensen Institute is hosting a convention of bloggers this weekend. Bloggers, or web loggers, maintain a form of online diary that often contains criticisms or comments about political candidates and allows the posting of responses. Sorensen Institute Executive Director Sean O'Brien says those attending will be discussing the hobby and its future. Saturday's blogger convention will be held all day Saturday at the Doubletree Hotel on 29 North.
Given the list of people who said they plan to attend, this plans to be an interesting, informative, and perhaps even provocative day.

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