Thursday, August 25, 2005

When I Found You, Part 2

Here is another of what will be periodic -- but mostly irregular -- postings about the odd, off-color, and inscrutable search terms that some people have used on Google and Yahoo and other search engines to find their way to this blog. In the past few weeks, people have come here while seeking:

16% of americans do this on a daily basis

75 academy award prediction penguin

ayn rand christmas tree ornament

best endowed men

charles barkley

drinking age
north korea

exercising the highest level of professional leadership and ethical behavior in achieving zero

living a sexless life

sermons on laborare est orare

tommie lee's penis

tony the tiger gay

video clips of teenage lesbian girls asking each other to dance at the senior prom

was adam smith gay

we all jumped in the pool
Sometimes you just have to ask: What in the world were they thinking?

1 comment:

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