Thursday, November 03, 2005

Governor's Waltz

For Virginia voters who are dissatisfied with the choices they face next Tuesday of Jerry Kilgore, Tim Kaine, or Russ Potts for Governor, or of Bill Bolling or Leslie Byrne for Lieutenant Governor: there is another.

Surprised? So was I.

According to a memorandum from the State Board of Elections circulated today:

This is to advise you that Lowell Miles Moss of 8436 Sir Sagamore Court, Richmond, Virginia 23237 has filed with this Board two Certificates of Candidate Qualification. The first is as a write-in candidate for Governor while the second is as a write-in candidate for Lieutenant Governor in the November 8, 2005 General Election. He is conducting his write-in campaigns as L. Miles Moss.
There is not much more to report about Mr. Moss. He seems to be one of the unGoogled -- a web search using his name turns up nothing beyond his address as indicated in the SBE's memo. So his views on the issues are unknown to the wider world.

As a certified write-in candidate, any votes cast for L. Miles Moss (or approved variations of his name) will be reported to Richmond by local Electoral Boards at the conclusion of their post-election canvasses next Wednesday.

Related to this news, it is my understanding that the Libertarian Party of Virginia has asked its members to cast a write-in vote for former national LP chairman James W. Lark of Albemarle County in the race for Governor and Jeff Bowles of Botetourt County for Lieutenant Governor, as a means to gauge support for the party and its principles statewide.

The LP is also fielding four candidates on the ballot for the House of Delegates, including three in Northern Virginia -- Donny Ferguson in the 36th District, Scott McPherson in the 37th District, and Chuck Eby in the 67th District -- and one in suburban Richmond, Matthew Martin in the 73rd District.

Update and Correction: This brief note was received from the State Board of Elections on the morning of November 7, the day before the election: "Please note correction in middle name from Miles to Mills - for Write-In candidate for statewide offices. Thank you."

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It is a bit late now, as the elections are done with, but there is a website for Lowell Mills Moss.